Tablets Will Change Classrooms

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Final Cut Pro X – Not “Pro” Enough

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What do you love?

This is a neat site brought to you by Google. It will search an interest across multiple Google products at once.

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Noles Win!

The Seminoles of Florida State dominated the University of North Caroline Tar Heels beating them 90 – 57 as ESPN’s College GameDay visited Tallahassee for the first time. 

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I downloaded the Foodspotting app to try it out. Then I realized it is a glorified food picture status update app. Pictures of food (if it doesn’t award a medal / t-shirt / plaque for finishing) are boring. We don’t need this. Robert Scoble had a great Google+ post about bragging apps the other day. Check it out here –
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Sunday’s are my craft beer drinking day. I have a new beer love and it’s the India Pale Ale. I like the hoppy taste; it really tastes more like beer. It does have two drawbacks :

1. My tastes have changed so much that I can’t drink old reliables like Miller Lite or Coors Light without cringing.
2. They have a higher alcohol content than regular beers and tend to make me very sleepy.

Still I think the good outweighs the bad. So here’s to craft beers! Enjoy responsibly! (and check out BrewskiMe, the beer drinkers app)

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