Used Game or New Game?

I’m interested again in the used game vs. new game sales debate. I’ve been reading some really good articles lately and I saw this quote is from Chris Kohler at Wired on why game developers still don’t have a clue:

“Game developers spend crazy millions of dollars to make games and then they go bankrupt or get shuttered immediately when not enough people buy them at $60 a pop, the highest sticker price of entertainment media by a factor of three or so.”

It made me think that the video game industry is still too young to know what it’s doing and there really aren’t any so-called experts. Hollywood wasn’t brought to its knees by used DVD sales, the video game industry won’t be either.

As Chris Kohler points out in his article (, the used game sale back to video game retailers to buy new games is obviously an overlooked transaction in the eyes of most game devs. If what’s reported in the links below is true, then Microsoft is about to shake up the industry in a way that could actually harm their business more than help it.


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